This page contains the list of all notable projects that I am working or have worked on. Some of these projects usually solve a personal pain point or they are just interesting to me. All projects noted here are Open Source.

Kontests Unofficial

This flutter app lists all of the competitive coding competitions (across sites like,, in a neat UI. It contains contest timing and other info sorted on start time. The data is retrieved from

Main motivation to build this app was that I wanted to keep track of the different upcoming contests so I could avoid missing them and I wanted to view this info on my phone. Future improvements will be to allow syncing with Google Calendar and set up notifications for certain contests.

Latest build (APK) is available here. Currently, it’s only available for Android, but since it’s built on Flutter, same code can be used to build an IOS app.

Budgeter (Upcoming)

This app is designed to automatically track spending by reading SMS messages and email. Current plan is to use Google Sheets as backend/database (for easy data portability and zero-cost infra). It would also have data analysis and reporting capability.

Digital Stethoscope

This project is designed to diagnose heartbeat audio from phone microphones using deep learning. It mainly attempted to detect Heart Arrhythmia. The main motivation was to allow preliminary diagnosis in remote regions of India where access to healthcare is severely limited. The app also allowed sending the audio remotely to medical professionals for further diagnosis.

I lead this project along with 2 others as part of the Robotics and Circuits Club at MIT, Manipal.

The app code is available here and the machine learning code and model is available here.